Everything matters.
Make better.

Why we're here

We started a design company with a smiling briefcase because we believe the best brands are obsessed with creating experiences that make people happy. That happiness is great for business but we just call it, making better.

At Briefcase we help create experiences that make better, through design. We believe design is being human–listening, caring, being empathetic and curious. It's how we solve problems both known and unknown.

As a brand, you are a tremendously complex organism with a mandate to be better, create profit and make our world a better place. We'd love to help with that.

Service Design

App Design

Five things we believe

Everything matters

We obsess the details. 

We only tell the truth

For better or worse, so long as we live. 

Experience > Marketing

There's a reason the earliest ads were art.
Also, any kid that says they want to be a marketer when they grow up is a sociopath.

Humans first

Behind every interaction is a person. If the work doesn't help that person–we don't do it.

We believe everyone has a seat at the table and that family dinners usually solve a ton of problems.