Briefcase - San Diego Video Production
Brands & Content, Guts & Soul


About Us.

What we do

Briefcase is a content strategy and production studio based in San Diego, California. 

We make films, photography, and content that helps brands grow and support their communities. We produce compelling content for every screen, often from our in-house studio.

We also make our own original content from time to time.


Who we are

We're a multi-ethnic and diverse team of strategists, filmmakers, and photographers. Our diversity helps us produce content that communicates to a diverse audience.

While we come from different places we joined together around a common value: The work fades away, how you treat people stays. It's this belief that guides us as a crew and the brands and stories that we love sharing.



Content Strategy


Content Audits

Content Planning

Campaign Planning

Video Production

Brand Films

Branded Content

Product Videos



Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography


Stop Motion



Our Crew

2016-05-04 Briefcase11463 copy.jpg

Beau Aguon

Strategy / Producer

18.02.09_Briefcase heDSHOTS-0010.jpg

Shane Aguon

Director / DP

18.02.09_Briefcase heDSHOTS-0037.jpg

Sammy DeGuido

Director / Photographer

18.02.09_Briefcase heDSHOTS-0026.jpg

Evan Yamada

Photographer / Gaffer


What We Believe

1  People First

The work fades away. How you treat people stays.

2  Keep it Real

When you keep it real, you have no competition. 

3  Guts and Soul or Nope

If you're going to put something out into the universe, put a little stank on it.  

4  Experience > Marketing

A great experience is the most effective form of marketing.

5  No Silos

We believe everyone has a seat at the table and that family dinners usually solve a ton of problems.