We're a content strategy and creation studio based in San Diego, California. We help brands produce content that helps them grow and serve their communities. 

When we partner with clients, our approach is to:

1  Uncover what’s powerful and true about their story and communicate it in a fresh, entertaining, and compelling way.

2  Earn trust through content that actually helps their community and provides real value.

3  Keep trust and remain relevant through content that inspires and advocates for their community. 

Sound compelling? We’d be honored to discuss partnering with you.

What we do

“Voices for Children was looking for a fresh, creative approach to our content strategy, and we could not have found a better team than Briefcase. They have proven to be not only talented, thoughtful content creators, but also true partners in accomplishing our goals.”
— Amanda Schapp I Voices for Children

What we believe

How you treat people stays

The work fades, how you treat people stays. It’s not just a value around our studio, it’s our approach to the brands we partner with and the content we help them produce.

Advertisers have told a lot of tall tales over the years. Seduction, lofty promises, bragging, and disingenuous endorsements have been tools of the trade to dupe the masses and make a quick buck at all costs. The result: broken trust and wasted money. Today, over half a billion devices are blocking ads. We’re even willing to pay extra for services that are ad-free.

The old days are fading fast, and for the better. The digital age is ushering in more access to tools and information to help us learn if brands live up to their hype. It’s also opening an opportunity for brands that actually care.

Care about the money and products they make but mostly the people that use them. Brands that see people as actual people: neighbors, friends, moms, and dads that worked hard for their money. Brands that don't have time to waste on stunts and hype because they are busy delivering real value into the lives of the people they are serving. 

That is treating people well. That is what stays with people. We believe that’s a competitive advantage. 



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Our Values

1  People First

The work fades away. How you treat people stays.

2  Keep it Real

When you keep it real, you have no competition. 

3  Flip the Script

The world needs a fresh take. 

4  Guts and Soul

If you're going to put something out into the universe, put a little stank on it.