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Aquascape Supply Co. - My Aquascape

Aquascape Supply Co. - My Aquascape


Aquascaping is a new hobby that is growing all over the world. It is, quite literally, a mix of the hobby of aquariums and landscaping. We were excited when our friend and entrepreneur, Roger Ma, approached us to develop a new brand to serve this growing community.  

It's rare when we get the opportunity to work with new brands from scratch, in an industry that is fairly new but we were up for the challenge. It helped us go all the way back to the beginning and ask a couple questions about our approach. How do we get people to know what Aquascaping is? How do we educate them on how to do it? How can this new brand be a global resource for the Aquascaping community?

We started out producing a campaign called "My Aquascape". This content would help people not aware of the hobby get exposed to the beauty, people, and personalities that find joy in Aquascaping. 

Work in Production:

Video Campaign - Aquascaping 101

Photography - Product

Digital - Ecommerce Website




Brand Strategy


Content Strategy


Video Production





Creative Direction - Beau Aguon

Content Strategy - Beau Aguon

Producer - Shane Aguon

Producer - Beau Aguon

Director/DP - Shane Aguon

Editor - Shane Aguon 

Photography - Shane Aguon

PA - Sammy DeGuido