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Perma-Cal Pressure Gauges - Impact Day


Perma-Cal Gauges



Perma-Cal Pressure Gauges has been trusted for over 35 years in the Heavy Industrial, Energy, Aerospace, Chemical, and Commercial Diving industries. Perma-Cal approached us for ideas on how to have their product stand out in their marketing, as it does everyday for their users.

Our idea: take the one thing that their product has on their competition (impact resistance) and visualize it in an entertaining way. We were very grateful to partner with a client that lets us hit their products with flames, golf clubs, baseball bats, and hockey sticks for work.


Within 5 months, 70x more views than their highest viewed content.


Content Strategy

Video Production

Product Photography



Creative Direction - Beau & Shane Aguon

Producer - Beau Aguon

Director/DP - Shane Aguon

Editor - Shane Aguon

PA - Sammy DeGuido

Gaffer - Evan Yamada

Photographer - Evan Yamada

Talent (Athlete)- Chris Honer

Teaser Cuts

Product Photography

Behind the Scenes