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If you pay taxes, you’re a working person. The voices of working people have been increasingly absent from influencing culture, policy and financial decisions. This has led to individual livelihoods being in the hands of select powerful interests. Basically, if you work then you’re usually on the wrong side of the information distribution which makes you somewhat powerless.


Inspire, empower and equip today’s working people to use the power of collective action. This can disrupt the unequal distribution of influence in the workplace and ultimately accelerate change for our workplace environments, opportunities and financial compensation.



We created, named and launched a knowledge brand that brings digital tools, resources and information all in one place. Together We Work empowers people to host conversations, connect with others in their area and realize their collective voice.


Together We Work launched at the White House South by South Lawn festival on October 3rd, 2016 and is in a beta phase of gathering resources and information. 






Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Content Strategy

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Client: The Workers Lab

Design: Josh Boston

Copy: Brock Kirby

Strategy Partner: Translator MKE